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Black Shirts

I'm listening to the young (or maybe not so young) fascists disrupting McCain's speech in Denver on nuclear proliferation, with chants of "Endless War! Endless War!" They are being drowned out by the Senator's supporters chanting "John McCain, John McCain."

OK, whether or not they're fascists is just a guess, but I think it's a pretty safe one. Though it's probably unfair to characterize them as Black Shirts--they were mostly ex-military.

[Update in the later afternoon]

Jim Geraghty agrees with me:

At this point, noisy protesters disrupting a McCain speech are basically advertising, "I am incapable of letting those I disagree with express their views in public; I am uncomfortable with free expression and at heart a fascist, as I do not believe opposing viewpoints should be heard."

He thinks that they were chanting "Stop this war," not "Endless War." That could be.


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