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Busy Weekend

Slow posting because I'm finishing up painting and starting a new project--reguttering the front where we removed the gutters over the garage, and putting them in on the rest of the front of the house where there was never any, but now we have new landscaping to protect from the rainy season which starts in a couple weeks.

The challenge is that it turns out that the roof fascia board slopes in the direction opposite the one that I want it to in order to put one of the down spouts at the end of the house. In fact, the whole house seems tilted slightly toward the east three inches or so end to end (probably settling toward the intracoastal, since it was built on fill). So it works fine for the east spout, but not so much for the west one. Which means an ugly angle on the westward side to force the water to run uphill, so to speak. Still not sure what to do about that one, but now I know why the old gutter never worked very well...

The other joyous part of the adventure is that the fascia isn't vertical, as the hangars expect--it's seventeen degrees off with a slight overhang. So I get to cut a bunch of wedges from two-by-four to make up the difference. Which is where our new Craftsman double-bevel mitre saw, that we got for crown and base molding installation (which I haven't started yet) will come in handy.

I'll also add that laser levelers are well worth having. It would have been a real PITA to figure this out with a standard bubble and tacked string.


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Robert wrote:

I wonder: do you perceive your non-vertical fascia as being oriented to the left or to the right? In any case, I think this latest story of yours proves that you are some kind of fascist.

Robert wrote:

(Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

Rand Simberg wrote:

I wonder: do you perceive your non-vertical fascia as being oriented to the left or to the right?

Was this question supposed to make any sense?

In any case, I think this latest story of yours proves that you are some kind of fascist.

OK, I see. It was supposed to be funny, or to make some kind of political point, but completely failed in the attempt on both counts.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Oh, I get it now. It was a pathetic attempt at word play on "fascia."

Sorry, still missed the mark.

Robert wrote:

Sorry if I didn't make you chuckle. You frequently write about the meaning of "fascist", and you encourage everyone to learn what the word means. I was just trying to help. I'm actually being sincere here - regardless of what one might think of the argument that the Democrats are fascists with smiling faces and vegan diets, it really would help if people understood the etymology and history of the word "fascist", and how it relates to "fascia", "plantar fasciitis", "fasces", etc.

Leland wrote:

I just thought Rand's discussion about house structures was a reference to President Jimmy Carter's work, but it appears other Democrats feel some sort of ownership of the remarks even though no name of a politician, ideology, or party was put forward.

At my home, we just put in new floors: wood in the entry, dining, and family room; tile everywhere else downstairs. Had to use laminate because of a not so well trained house dog. Spent much of the weekend finishing the baseboards, so almost done.

Dick Eagleson wrote:

As my own living quarters have proven to be utterly devoid of plumb lines and square corners, I sympathize. Shimming, splitting differences and every other form of make-do are SOP on my fixer-upper chores too.

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