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Civil Discourse

I probably shouldn't give him benefit of the link (it will probably up his traffic by an order of magnitude or two), but apparently we're nothing but "poo-flinging monkeys" here, because he doesn't like to lose arguments.


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Bill Maron wrote:

What a whiner he is. Grow a pair and get over it. Given a post graduate education, I would expect better than poo flinging monkeys.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I guess that post-graduate educations aren't all they're cracked up to be, given both that and his "arguments" in my comments section. Wonder what the degrees are in?

Hal Duston wrote:

From the above URL:

BA in history -- University of Illinois
MBA -- Southern Illinois University

Mike "[MickJagger]I'm a monnkkeey maaan!"[/MickJagger]"Puckett wrote:

The subspecies of "Chris Gerrib" flinging monkeys to be more accurate in his scatological hypocracy.

Leland wrote:

Hey, give the man his due... he at least created his own blog to waste his own bandwidth.

Chris Gerrib wrote:

Thanks for the link.

Chris Gerrib wrote:

What bothers me about this whole Obama flap is:
1) I generally agree with you, especially on space-related posts, but also on a lot of media and "political-correctness-run-amok" posts.
2) Still haven't figured out your dislike of Obama.
3) I really don't think Obama is the second coming or anything, but I think he's a massively better choice then Hillary. I don't think that's "drinking the Koolaid."

Rand Simberg wrote:

I don't dislike Obama. He seems to be a likeable enough person.

I just think he'd be an awful president, and his terrible judgment in joining and remaining in that church for twenty years is only one reason of many. Also, he's a lot more of a typical (leftist) politician than most people who have fallen under his spell want to believe.

I didn't know that the choices were between him and Hillary, since I'm not a Democrat. I've never expressed an opinion as to who is a "better choice." My comments are about Obama in absolute terms, not relative to Hillary. If I had my druthers, they'd both lose. And so would McCain. I don't think that the whole lot of them are worth their weight in powder to blow them to hell.

Leland wrote:

I have to admit some fun with stirring the pot with Democrats on both sides. But I said it before, I won't for either Obama or Hillary purely on the basis of their health care plans. The country can't afford to go down road, and if they get there way, it will be damn near impossible to turn that ship around. For that reason, I'm willing to support McCain to avoid the ills of socialized medicine.

Bill Whittle said it much better on this blog some time ago.

Chris Gerrib wrote:

Rand - I read your post upstream. Apparently we'll have to agree to disagree with each other.

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