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You know, if there were some planetary version of Child Protective Services (not that I'm proposing such a thing--I'm sure that its primary focus would be Katrina "victims"), the Burmese people would be taken away from their rulers:

...with the clock ticking four days after the storm hit, Myanmar's reclusive military rulers insisted foreign aid experts would still have to negotiate with the government to be allowed into the isolated nation.

Also, the army, which had plenty of manpower to come in and beat protesting Buddhist monks a few months ago, is nowhere to be found.


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FC wrote:

It used to be the British Empire...

john smith wrote:

How is this different from the behaviour of the
Bush White House in New Orleans

Rand Simberg wrote:

No matter how idiotic, that was an entirely predictable comment. Which is why I preemptively predicted it. When one has a comments section, one has to anticipate morons. What's even more hilarious, is that this particular anonymous cowardly moron doesn't even understand the basics of punctuation.

Paul Milenkovic wrote:

No Rand, the handling of Myanmar by the Bush White House is no different than their handling of New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. In both cases, President Bush is flustered and indecisive in dealing with a corrupt one-party ruling clique that is impeding outside help from coming let alone making any effective use of the resources at hand.

Mac wrote:

Paul says: In both cases, President Bush is flustered and indecisive in dealing with a corrupt one-party ruling clique that is impeding outside help from coming...

This is, of course, the time to mention that if Bush had taken firmer control in New Orleans and forced FEMA to ignore the law and go into Louisiana to provide aid, he would have been vilified by the left and the media for breaking the law. No matter what he did, Bush would have been derided. This is the most annoying thing about politics, from either right of left of the aisle. When will the left realize it was their own fault aid was delayed? Actually, when will they admit it, because they already know. Its no longer about doing what's right, its about smearing the other side for every little thing that goes wrong.

Jay Manifold wrote:

Taking the rulers away from the people -- permanently, by eradicating them from the face of the earth -- would be a lot easier. Since the only planetary CPS available is the US military, the choices are 1) death and 2) American victory. As long as there are still people who think there is nothing worse than 2), there will be lots of 1).

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