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Doomsday Has Been Postponed

Apparently, global warming is being delayed:

Commenting on the new study, Richard Wood of the Hadley Centre said the model suggested the weakening of the MOC would have a cooling effect around the North Atlantic.

"Such a cooling could temporarily offset the longer-term warming trend from increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

"That emphasises once again the need to consider climate variability and climate change together when making predictions over timescales of decades."

Gee, what a concept.


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Josh Reiter wrote:

I predict with 100% certainty that Global Variability lies within our future. With out a doubt we will see a trend of random inputs and shifting timescales that will influence change or maybe possibly make things stay the same in our future global climate. In other words it can be summed up with a simple body gesture *shrugs shoulders with dumbfounded look*

Michael wrote:

I had noted this article earlier this morning.

I got to "cancel out the increases caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions" and stopped reading.

mz wrote:

Strange, I thought I posted a comment, maybe it was lost somewhere along a way...

Gotta read the original article to see more clearly what the authors are talking about. Perhaps later.

Anonymous wrote:

Is "Global Variability" what happens when start varying what globe we are on?

philw1776 wrote:

That's why ya gotta luv the revised terminology...'climate change'. That way, anything that happens fits the model, the federal grant money keeps on coming and pols get to enact all kinds of regulations. Sadly, a theory that predicts everything predicts nothing. One major problem with AGW as currently expoused is that it is not falsifyable. That's not science.

Mike Puckett wrote:

When the left realizes they are in danger of losing the debate, the first thing they do is move the goalposts.

Steve A wrote:

"When the left realizes they are in danger of losing the debate, the first thing they do is move the goalposts."

Don't be so sure it's only on the left...have you seen those recent commercials featuring Pelosi and Gingrich, Franklin and Buchanan? Positively scary.

MikeBorgelt wrote:

Ya gotta love it!
Warming is caused by humans, cooling is caused by "natural variations".
Seems like the scammers are hedging their bets.

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