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Hezbollah's Apologists

It's been a rough week (and year) for them. I expect Obama to want no-conditions negotiations with them any minute.


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memomachine wrote:


I think it's actually amusing that it took 700+ days of shaming to finally force Obama onto FoxNews, while at the same time Obama was announcing his support for meeting with our enemies such as Hezbollah.

It's a curious thing when going on FoxNews is harder than diplomacy with international terrorists.

narciso wrote:

It's really not so surprising, although most of the supposed opponents of Hezbollah, in Goldberg's
New Yorker series; Armitage, Baer, et al; seemed to have dissapeared in the last while, since they
appeared in that Sy Hersh piece's absolving Syria
of their role in Fatah al Islam.

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