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ISDC Eye Candy

Well, for guys, anyway.

OK, I recognize Michelle Murray (of FAA-AST) on the left, but who are the other two? Name tags are hidden. As Glenn notes, there are a lot more women (and attractive ones) at space conferences these days (compared to, say, the eighties). I think that has something to do with the excitement of the privatization activities, though the increase in the number of women engineers since then is probably a contributor as well. Not that there aren't roles for other professions in opening up the frontier.


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Andy wrote:

If that's eye candy, you have pretty low standards.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Hey, it's a space conference, not the auto show or the academy awards. It's all relative. I think they're pretty cute.

Brock wrote:

Sort of like the Protest Babe theory of capitalism. You can judge who'll succeed based on where the cute ladies hang out?

Anyone been to a NASA control room lately?

Carl Pham wrote:

I'm going to be cynical and say it has something to do with "space" being seen more as a group enrichment activity with PR and sociological challenges than the pursuit of individual glory with engineering and science challenges.

Paul Breed wrote:

Left side is Michelle Murray (FAA)
Right side is Nicole Jordan (Xprize)
Middle? Unknown.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Right side is Nicole Jordan (Xprize)

Ah. I knew she looked familiar, but couldn't quite place her.

Rand Simberg wrote:

[looking at picture again]

I'll take your word for it, Paul, and you're probably right (particularly considering that Michelle is there, too) but that doesn't look like Nikki to me. But it's not a great picture.

Jon Card wrote:

I will second all remarks. The girls here are HOT. I've never been to one of these before, and I expected it to be all older guys with bushy beards.

Doug Jones wrote:

Well then, Jon, I guess it was a good thing *I* wasn't there.

Ken Murphy wrote:

I got to dance with Cassie (the one in the middle) at the end of last year's conference here in Dallas. Everyone was in the decompression mode of general clean/pack-up, there was a wedding band downstairs playing something, and Cassie and I just spontaneously started ballroom dancing dancing around the display area.

She's smart and has wit. That makes her hot in my book.

Bruce Hoult wrote:

I seem to recall some dancing involving Michelle at Organ Stop Pizza in March. She's lovely. Was that you, Doug? Or maybe Randall.

-- another of the bushy beard brigade

Jon Card wrote:

Now, I have nothing against men with great bushy beards. Aerospace guys seem to be a lot like search engine engineers. They're a lot of fun and happy to be themselves. But I'm a young guy.... :)

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