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Making The Sahara Green

Through global warming. See, climate change ain't all bad.


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philw1776 wrote:

Interesting. Amazing what we don't know about past climatic conditions. Recently, the timeline history of the Grand Canyon was drasticly revised. So much for all that "settled science."

kurt9 wrote:

The problem is that global warming is not occurring. In fact, it looks like the opposite is going to happen, at least for the next 10 years or so.

Dennis Wingo wrote:

There is a graduate textbook on Paleoclimatology that at least in its last version was not overly tainted with global warming hysteria. In that textbook, the greening of the Sahara is covered in detail.

K wrote:

Good. That's how long it will take to go total nuclear in power generation anyway.

Yep, they'll start building them anyyyyy day now.

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