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More ISDC Blogging

Clark Lindsey blogs a panel on interactions between private space and the government, that sounds interesting. Unfortunately, because there are so many parallel tracks at an ISDC, it's not possible for one person to cover everything, but he does his best with a report on the space-based solar power session and lunar regolith processing.

And Glenn Reynolds is there now, due to speak shortly, topic TBD. Wish I could have made it this year. I managed to have dinner and drinks with him last year in Dallas (first time I'd seen him in years).


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Anonymous wrote:

Did a thrill go up your leg as you sat next to Glenn? I bet it did.

Rand Simberg wrote: more than any other time I've had dinner with a long-time friend.

But you probably wouldn't know anything about that, being an anonymous moron who probably has no friends at all, let alone long-time ones.

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