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News You Can't Use

You know, if you really need these job interview tips, they probably won't do you much good, because even if you follow them, you're likely to do something equally or more stupid.



Aleta wrote:

Heh. I had a person knock on the door today. "Hi, I'm looking for a job. What do you do here?" Me: "Did you bring a resume?" Applicant: "No."

Very professional.

Josh Reiter wrote:

I usually interview pretty well. What helped me a lot was an oldie but goodie: What Color is Your Parachute?

Josh Reiter wrote:

I admit I did make a faux pas on a phone interview. I cracked a corny joke and then proceeded to laugh at my own joke in a very Hillary! cackle like fashion. Um, yea, I didn't get a call back. But I made mental note not to do that again and moved on with life.

Tom wrote:

I blew an interview very early on with the overconfidence thing and not preparing. Had time to recover, though.

Thanks for the link, Rand!

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