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Not Familiar With The Concept

Here's one for the stupid criminal files. We've all heard of putting nylons over your head to conceal your face, but here are a couple mental defectives who robbed a gas station wearing thongs on their heads.

[Via Jonah's Odd Link Gal, who should just get her own blog]


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Leland wrote:

Add wearing a short sleeve shit and sporting a big, easy to identify tattoo on your arm.

Paul Milenkovic wrote:

I heard that a few years back a couple of UW Football team members robbed a sandwich delivery person while wearing, ahem, male athletic foundation garments on their faces or about their heads.

The players got in serious, serious trouble, but it may have been some kind of hazing incident.

I asked my wife if they robbed the sandwich delivery driver of money. No, I was told, the driver was robbed of sandwiches. Given that football players are probably hungry from their workouts and other training, this made sense.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Leland, I was thinking the same thing. That tattoo is probably why the authorities released this particular view of the robbers.

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