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Phoenix Descending

I have some thoughts on this weekend's successful arean invasion, over at PJ Media.

[Update at 7:40 AM EDT]

Some less lofty thoughts over at Althouse's place, particularly in comments.

[Mid-morning update]

Jeff Foust writes about a second chance for an underdog, over at The Space Review.


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Tom wrote:

Assuming it's an editing issue, but the article mentions "The Mars Pathfinder rovers came hurtling down in a bouncing ball that gradually took away the energy of the fall,"

Of course, Mars Pathfinder landed in 1997, and the rovers in 2004.

Will you be at the Space Investment Summit?

Rand Simberg wrote:

Good catch. I think it's fixed now.

No, I can't afford the time or the money to get to DC this week, unfortunately.

K wrote:

News Item: 5/27/2008

This morning, FedEX space delivery dropped off a prepackaged Mars habitat to the Mars Co. water survey team. Once the team has set up what they are calling "Ice Station Zebra", survey operations can begin extending over the entire polar areas. Their mission is to locate the areas of highest water ice concentration so that local mining operations will begin. This is crtical in order to supply the growing population of Well's city, 200 miles to the south. It is anticipated that Mars agribusiness interests will soon be funding more ice mining enterprises in the near future to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand and as it is ultimately less expensive and dangerous than comet diversion.

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