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Space Show

I had a post about this last week, but I forgot to remind people today, that I was on The Space Show this afternoon (I took a break from yardwork, where we're tearing out old hedges, and still finishing up guttering--on the radio, no one can hear you sweating). Here's a place to comment for anyone who happened to listen in.


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Habitat Hermit wrote:

Just finished listening to it, no big surprises except how often I chuckled and how Dr. Livingston sort of managed to avoid saying what he seemed to really want to in regard to some politics ^_^

Also the mood which came across as more relaxed than usual.

Some of the more combative commenters around (here and elsewhere) would probably benefit from listening to it as it should help set a few things straight. There's still plenty of room for disagreements --I have some myself (perhaps even a big one when it comes to capsules although it depends on the details, I think they've still got lots of more or less unexplored potential; ballutes, approaches to modifying/decreasing terminal velocity, and things like Gravity Loss' recent thoughts on the last five kilometers).

A link for those who haven't heard your interview, might as well make it directly to the description and download.

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