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The Candidates And Space

This sounds like an interesting session. I hope that Glenn is taking good notes. I'd expect Jeff Foust to post something on Space Politics as well (in addition to an article in The Space Review on Monday).

It may be the first time that representatives from all three campaigns have been on a single dais for this subject. We'll see it they can pin the Obama guy down on how expects to fund education with the space program without throwing a wrench in the works with a delay (and how he addresses the dreaded "Gap"). And why he wants to wait until after the election to have a national dialogue on space.

I know Lori, but I've never heard of the other two.

[Update on Saturday at noon]

Here is Jeff Foust's report, with more to come on Monday. As I would have guessed, the only people up on the issues were the moderator and Lori. I think that it says something about Obama and his campaign that he doesn't have an adviser for this subject (or perhaps science and technology at all).


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Edward Wright wrote:

All three campaigns said basically the same thing: Space is part of overall science policy. NASA needs a big budget increase (although Floyd wavered on whether McCain thought that was possible. America doesn't need a "new vision" -- just fund the current plan. McCain believes there needs to be better financial accountability -- like the cost cap he imposed on ISS. (Can't believe Floyd said that with a straight face.) Lori gave a brief mention of commercial space, mostly centered on prizes. Floyd says McCain helped to commercialize ISS and we need to continue commercializing it.

Brief debate over whether people are more inspired by watching pictures of Mars sent back by robots or watching pictures of NASA astronauts on Mars. No 3rd option

Same old, same old.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Well, if that's the case, I'm disappointed, but not at all surprised. It's not an important issue.

Edward Wright wrote:

Regarding "the other two," Steve Robinson is a former Albert Einstein fellow and high school science teacher who works in Obama's office. An education staffer who was tapped for this event. Floyd DeChamps has been McCain's chief space staffer for many years. I have met him several times. Very bright guy and highly effectiv, but not interested in anything McCain isn't interested in.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Very bright guy and highly effective, but not interested in anything McCain isn't interested in.

I'm pretty sure that's part of his job description.

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