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The Logic Of Superstition

For what it's worth, I set my watch to the destination time zone when they close the plane doors.



Rick C wrote:

I probably shouldn't admit this but I haven't worn a watch in at least 10 years. I let my phone be my watch, and it auto-updates the time.

Leland wrote:

I think the good doctor's "clock setting" is superstitious. However, the analogy about tempting fate seems more like simple risk aversion. If you hear a forecast of rain, it is not simply tempting fate to go out without an umbrella. Then again, I'm use to not trusting the weatherman, and reading the radar myself.

FWIW, I typically don't set my watch until we land, because I don't consider myself at the destination (new time zone) until then.

Ryan Olcott wrote:

As soon as the doors close and we start to back away from the gate, I become narcoleptic.

Time Zone wise, like Rick I've simplified down to just my cell phone, and haven't worn watches for years.

I do remember though, many years ago, being hesitant to "tempt fate", and the subsequent illogical belief that divine intervention had somehow spared me from folly when I escaped a tempted fate unscathed. Nevermind that the chance of my being 'punished' by fate was typically much less than 50%.

For that reason I think this type of superstition does a good job of reinforcing a persons egocentric beliefs.

Daveon wrote:

I set my watch. It find it's the only way to really deal with the Jet lag confusion if I'm not in the nice seats.

Josh Reiter wrote:

I admit that I have become quite superstitious when it comes to my sports teams as of late. Like in the Dallas Mavericks game 1 against New Orleans. Dallas was up by like 20 points and then I started watching the game towards the end of the 3rd quarter. I jinxed the team as soon as I started watching and New Orleans took advantage and made an enormous come back. So, its my fault, sorry Dallas.

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