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Way To Go

Thanks for discouraging live blogging of space (and other) conferences (not to mention anything else), Keith.

[Saturday morning update]

The lesson here is that you have to be careful to delineate your editorial comments from the reportage (I usually do this with parenths, I think, though I'd have to go back and look at some from the past to be sure--I might use square brackets) when transcribing, because it is easily confused otherwise. But as I said, we shouldn't let things like this discourage us from doing it. This is the first conference like this that I've missed in a while, and I really appreciate what Clark and others are doing. I've always wondered if what I was doing was worthwhile when I live blogged other conferences, and now I know that it definitely is. Well, at least when others do it...


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Keith Cowing wrote:

You can get back to wiggling out of your concentration camp faux pax now, Rand.

Anonymous wrote:

Please do, Rand. That's what makes this site great: even when you bungle, it's more interesting than some fifty-year-old man enthusing like a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl over the inane drivel on Twitter.

FC wrote:

Where have you gone, Mike Godwin?

Keith Cowing wrote:

Ah, another "anonymous" audience participant from ISDC without the gumption to say this to my face ... have fun with this kids ....

Joe Latrell wrote:

I guess live blogging means 'gospel' for some people. For me, it is a given that live blogging consists of rough notes. Errors happen. It is a difficult juggling act to listen and type much less get everything 100% correct.

If I want more clarity, I'll drop an email or wait for the final posts.

BTW, I appreciate all the live blogging that does happen. When people take the time to get the word out about event I cannot attend, I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work all.

Edward Wright wrote:

Ah, another "anonymous" audience participant"

Ah, another whine about anonymous sources from NASA Watch, which relies entirely on "anonymous sources."

What's sauce for the goose isn't sauce for the gander, I guess, eh, Keith? :-)

Anonymous wrote:

Ah, another "anonymous" audience participant from ISDC without the gumption to say this to my face ... have fun with this kids ....

I wasn't at ISDC. And whether I was or not says nothing about your preoccupation with the goofy Twitter silliness.

But by all means, Keith, twit away. Or tweet. Or whatever the teens call it.

And I wouldn't have any problem saying this to your face. I'm only remaining anonymous on the web because your childish vindictiveness has a tendency to grow into long-running, tedious, multi-site flamewars. Yawn.

Clark wrote:

Hi Rand,
I'll definitely continue my blogging of conferences and events of interest. I've gotten a lot more positive feedback than negative, so I see no reason to stop. E.g. I will post my notes at the Space Frontier Foundation meeting in July.

Maybe I've just not found them but I was surprised there were so few people blogging this meeting. Seemed to be more at SA'08. I certainly saw lots of people typing on laptops. Shame that more of them didn't share their notes and impressions with the wider community.

Yes, I definitely will try to refrain in the future from mixing notes and commentary in a confusing manner. This should be easier at the SFF meeting since I doubt there will be any presentations about the marvels of Constellation!

Thanks for the support.

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