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Breakfast Cereals and Garrison Keillor

Don't miss today's Bleat, over at Lileks place. He has a proper fisking of his fellow Minnesotan scribe.

[Late morning update]

As Jay Manifold points out, the permalink is wrong--it's pointing to Friday's Bleat. For now, until it's fixed, just go to today's Bleat.


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Jay Manifold wrote:

Repeated perusal of finds no mention of Garrison Keillor.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Well, it's today's Bleat. Looks like he screwed up the permalink and pointed it to Friday's.

Anonymous wrote:

The man's just bitter that now with Al Franken running for the Senate, Keillor becomes Minnesota's second least funny humorist.

Jonathan wrote:

Minnesota's second least funny humorist

Ha! Great line.

Mike Puckett wrote:

As I am sure my former boss would say about Keillor were he aware of these mornonic and vapid spewings: "He would be a failure as a dildo!"

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