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Canadian Journalism

This is appalling, but predictable:

I was astonished by their absolute lack of any background on the story they were sent to cover.

More astonished that a journalist would not know who Mark Steyn was, or that, depending on its outcome, the case they were covering could have very real ramifications on their ability to practice their trade in the future, and impact the right to free speech for all Canadians.

They knew nothing about the AHRC case against Ezra.

They did know about the Western Standard but were unaware that it was no longer being published.

They knew nothing about the Richard Warman Vs Levant, Shaidle, McMillan, Kay and Free Dominion. In fact, they had never heard of Mr. Sec. 13 Richard Warman.

They were aware that a similar charge agianst Steyn had been thrown out by the OHRC, but nothing beyond that.

I tried to provide some background on each of these cases but could see that there was not a lot of interest.

I wonder what kind of reports will be filed by each of these journalists for CBC radio? I also wonder how many other journalists sent to cover this remarkably important case, are so poorly informed.

No wonder the government and the "Human Rights" Commissions get away with so much there.


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Anonymous wrote:

Predictable, eh?

Coming from the new expert on Canada, Rand Simberg, no less.

When were you morons last in Canada? Take a trip out there and you might be impressed instead of trusting Steyn's regular idiocy to form your opinion.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Do you have anything to say that's actually responsive to what I wrote? Or are you just going to idiotically whine that I don't know Canada?

ken anthony wrote:

Anonymous is quite the drive by coward. I appreciate your report and don't demand omniscience from anybody.

George Skinner wrote:

Huh - I'm from Canada, in fact from Vancouver (where the human rights tribunal is located.) Anonymous, are YOU from out here, or are you posting from Toronto?

The best thing about this tribunal is the amount of critical media attention its garnering. Not from the CBC necessarily, but they're hardly the sum total of media in Canada. In fact, judging from the TV news ratings, they're one of the least important sources of news in Canada.

Bill Maron wrote:

I have been following this from the beginning and any Canadian citizen who thinks this process is okay should have their head examined, the anon idiot not withstanding. Steyn isn't the only writer/blogger under attack right now either. I'm not Canadian but this should serve as an example of what can happen when one party has control of the government too long. In our country, the enviro-zealots will ruin the economy if Dems get the White House and Congress. S.3036 may do it anyway but that's another story. The HRC does not have any process they have to follow except what they decide on at the time. No rules of evidence, no requirement for direct testimony(hearsay is okay), if the tribunal wants to allow something, anything, they can. Go look at past hearings, if you can find them. They don't have to do much for the public record either. The Canadian press has been noticably absent in covering these events. I think, partly because they didn't like the defendants. They are just waking up to the fact it could be them someday.

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