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Comparing People To Hitler

It's just one of those things that white people like to do. This part is a little off, though:

It's also critical that you avoid the fatal mistake of getting creative and comparing people you don't like to other evil dictators, such as Joseph Stalin or Fidel Castro. With few exceptions, white people are actually fond of almost any dictator not named Hitler, and your remark that "this is just like something Mao Zedong would do" will be met with blank stares and possible social alienation. This is because, with the exception of Hitler, oppressive dictators share a passion for many of the things white people love- such as universal health care, conspiracy theories, caring about poor people while being filthy rich, and cool hats. Stick to the script and compare things you don't like to Hitler, and Hitler alone.

While it's good advice, actually, being the National Socialist Party, the Nazis did in fact have universal health care. Well, for the people they didn't exterminate, anyway. But that was true for Stalin, Castro and Mao as well. I think that the problem here is that the white people who like to do this don't really understand how much else Hitler had in common with their other socialist dictator heroes.


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Mike Earl wrote:

And a special shout-out to Qaddafi, who has not only all those things (especially the hats), but a special all-female bodyguard force who look disturbingly like the women in Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video.

(Did I just date myself?)

Sigivald wrote:

Hitler also had conspiracy theories (and hell, real conspiracies!) and a reasonably cool hat*.

(*Nobody can beat Khadafi for cool hats, though, as I see Mike's already said.

And yeah, the all-female elite commando bodyguards? Man knows how to be a dictator.)

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Mike Earl wrote:
"...a special all-female bodyguard force who look disturbingly like the women in Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video.

(Did I just date myself?)"

LOL! And yes you did ^_^

By the way do they really look like that? Scary in my opinion, very scary ^_^; (I was just a kid watching MTV and/or Sky Channel but I hated the video & song, not sure why, something about women looking like moving mannequin dolls --Uncanny Valley in reverse?).

Hmm that triggered memory lane (Brits might remember "Run Ronnie Run!" ^_^).

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