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"Criminal Against Humanity"

That's what Barack Obama, and anyone who supports US ethanol price supports and tariffs against Brazilian imports is.

I agree.

By the way, so are Algore and James Hansen...


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red wrote:

During McCain's talk where he spoke about a $300M car battery prize and something akin to Zubrin's call for flex-fuel cars, he also spoke against the sugar ethanol tariff and U.S. ethanol subsidy.

Personally I don't mind (while not really liking) the subsidy considering the competition is a cartel that can fairly easily play with the market by adjusting supply, but I don't like the tariff.

mz wrote:

Instapundit and Rand have sunk to a new low.
Global warming unlikely and Hansen a criminal against humanity.

Mike Puckett wrote:

Again MZ, you are clueless on what you are talking about.

He is simply holding Hansen to his own stated standard. I suggest you go to google news and search on Hansen's name to find his latest spew if you really want to understand.

Leland wrote:

I guess the question is whether MZ will realize that it is really James Hansen that sunk to that new low?

Grokmon wrote:

Yes, pollution is good, and polluters are HEROS!

These energy CEOs should be REWARDED with another 100 million or so on their golden parachute deals.

It's just business as usual, for you fascist freaks.

Crispytoast wrote:

Cheap abundant energy is VERY GOOD. Pollution less so. Is CO2 pollution? Plants seem to enjoy it. Why do you hate plants, Grokmon? "The Happening" was just a movie. Flora is not really out to get you.

Grokmon wrote:

Why do you hate astronauts, cripy toast, you know, astronauts burnt to a crisy toast. Why do you want to kill them? I can tell you why, because you're a fascist.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I see that we have another idiot who doesn't understand the meaning of the word "fascist."

Rick C wrote:

Grokmon (a highly inappropriate appelation), when did you stop beating your strawman?

Grokmon wrote:

Sure I do, according to you fascists, liberals are fascists, according to the rest of the civilized world, you fascists are fascists. It seems pretty clear to me.

Leland wrote:

Perhaps we should follow the Hansen model and censor those who speak things for which we disagree. Rand, squelch this new moron until he agrees with us. Yeah, he'll call us facist even though we are only suggesting keeping your site clean of pollution. Grokmon is the one supporting Hansen, who is calling for a national inquisition of oil company CEOs.

Sadly, Grokmon will no doubt fail to understand the radical difference from being censored on a blog and being thrown in jail for making "false statements" when found guilty by a guy who claimed the next ice age was imminent 30 years ago.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Actually, I'm not sure it's a new moron (though there unfortunately seems to be an ample supply of them). It may be Elifritz. It matches his style...such as it is.

Bill Maron wrote:

Those 20 y/o slacker basement dwellers are easy to spot.

Crispytoast wrote:

To be fair, Grokmon may just be going all po-mo and creating new definitions for words; in this case, "fascist" now means, somehow, wanting astronauts to die ... although I'm not sure where that particular brainwave comes from, or why Grokmon is going bonkers about it in a post about energy and eliminating ethanol tariffs. Clearly, the Grokmon thinks astronaut purging is a cornerstone of fascist philosophy. I must have missed the post where Rand calls for the systemic immolation of astronauts, thus confirming him as a fascist. Perhaps Grokmon can clear the spittle off its monitor and provide a link.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I'm not sure where that particular brainwave comes from...

I'm not sure that it has the material to generate a brain wave. The available evidence would seem to be against the proposition.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

As for the original theme, I find it quite pointless to accuse other people and groups of "crimes against humanity" just due to propaganda. With potential problems like global warming, you need a perponderance of evidence, not ruthlessly stamping out criticism (or at the least publically indulging in wish fulfillment of that goal being achieved). My take is that resorting to such rhetorical means you have a weak hand.

Mike Puckett wrote:

Grokman is that useless fascist tool, TLE.

Carl Pham wrote:

Crimes against humanity, forsooth? And who is going to judge whether the defendants are guilty or not? "Humanity"? "Humanity" has a much easier way to deal with its enemies. "Humanity" can just stop buying their fucking gasoline, and then they'll all go out of business and lose their pensions. Former Exxon CEOs will be begging for spare change in the gutter.

But that's not what will happen, is it? If "humanity" really had a problem with oil companies, it wouldn't be buying their products, now would it? You don't get rich selling oil unless lots and lots of people -- that is, "humanity" -- are voluntarily buying the stuff.

So I guess we'll have to have a special representative of "humanity" do the judging, huh? Someone a lot more "enlightened" about what's good for "humanity" than "humanity" itself.

Gee, this is starting to sound familiar. I bet if you dig around in Joe Stalin's old files in the Kremlin you'll find a good guide to show trials for Enemies of the State.

I have no idea of Hansen's quality as a scientist, but as a human being he's Stalinist scum.

Grokmon wrote:

I have no idea of Hansen's quality as a scientist

Of course you don't, you're scientifically illiterate.

That's ok, you're a MURKAN!

Veritas wrote:

And you are a shitstain on the ass of humanity.

Lurkertarian wrote:

That's ok, you're a MURKAN!

Far better than being a MERKIN, Grokmon.


Drooling Leftist Idiot wrote:

Actually, us liberal fascists think that you redneck hillbilly retards who deny that the Earth is a sphere are the s**tstains upon humanity. Your pope is an a**hole.

Bruno, Galileo, it never changes with you fockwits.

[Post edited for language, and fake screen name changed to one more appropriate]

Your obviousl intellectual inferior and moral midgets wrote:

"Actually, us liberal fascists think that you redneck hillbilly retards who deny that the Earth is a sphere are the s**tstains upon humanity. Your pope is an a**hole."

S**tstains often think their betters are just like they actually are, I.E s**tstains. Lact of perception is at the root of their cretinism.

Fourtunately, we your inferiors KNOW that you and your ilk are the only actual s**tstains. Your fear of toilet paper an other modern hygenial aids are strong evidence to support that fact.

[Post edited for foul content, and idiotic name appropriately renamed by proprietor]

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