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Failed Darwin Attempt

First off, let me say that I was not previously aware of a web site called Weird Asia News. But given how many people live in Asia (and how generally weird the place is, at least to non-Asians), it's an obvious and probably abundant source for such stuff.

Anyway, here's a fun one--a Peeping Tom who fell ten stories while trying to video a woman in a shower with a cell phone. And survived.

And naturally, there's an amusing Free Republic thread devoted to the incident.


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Josh Reiter wrote:

You know I just don't get the bother in even trying to do such a thing with such a crappy camera that is the cell phone. My Fiance and her friends have mentioned how they seen guys several times trying to take her and theirs picture while sitting in congested traffic.

I'm sorry the little pinhole cameras no matter the megapixel just don't have the aperture to discern much detail at distance. "Hey, check as out this hot chicks amorphously fuzzy shaped head. Can't you just tell how hot she is from the pixelated hair color?"

Elephant Felcher wrote:

Sounds like something Simby might try with his new and now somewhat quiet love - a match made in slime - Hillary! I'd love to see the fall.

Hey, what about all that popcorn you put away?

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