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Is Big Government A Mac?

Or a PC?

[Update in the afternoon]

Why we should want big government to be a PC:

You know I love the products, but Apple is a fascist company. I should know -- I worked there. Even got personally cussed out by Steve Jobs (may his name be praised forever).

Apple products are based on centralized command-and-control. Apple makes the hardware, software, and -- increasingly -- many key applications ("everything inside the state, nothing outside the state"). The Apple faithful believe that the computing world dominated by Microsoft is bad (if not outright evil) and must be redeemed. If only everyone changed to their way of computing, we would reach computing nirvana. And society would be changed for the better, too. If only.

The analogy may be getting a little strained.


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Orville wrote:

Definitely a PC with many departments acting like Windows Millenia. The best we can hope for is a stable release like XP, but even that is transitory.

The MacGov't in my mind would be the limited gov't approach which Republicanism doesn't seem to support anymore.

Peter wrote:

Definitely a strained analogy. When I think of 'PC' style government, I think of a growing ever more intrusive bureaucracy sapping every more of our money, saying more and more what we can do. Sure there's a non-government sector, but you're expected to rely on microsoft, er. the government for your primary needs.

By the way, I'm a Linux man. 'Communist' FUD aside, free software makes a better model of good government.

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