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Len Cormier's Final Flight Plan

I just got the sad news from Pat Kelley:

Len took his final journey this morning, passing peacefully. His family is going to have his ashes interred at Arlington cemetery, but I have no schedule. For those who wish to express condolences, you can reach his life partner, Anne Greenglass via email, [email me for the address if you want to do so--rs].

I tried to address this notice to all the people on my list, but I'm sure there are others I may have missed, so please forward this to anyone else you feel would want to know. I do intend to continue trying to get backing for Len's last design (Space Van 2010) as a tribute.

Len was a truly unique man, and a rare breed these days. Always the gentleman, honest to a fault, and always ready to give credit where it was due (and sometimes even allowing the unworthy to take credit for his work, for the sake of an important effort). He is unreplaceable, and will be sorely missed.

Ad astra, cum laetitia, Len.

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john hare wrote:

This is a sad day for the community.

Reginald C. Wright wrote:

I just found out of Len's passing and and deeply saddned. I had the privlege of meeting Len when I moved down to the Washington, DC area in the Mid 80's. At that time He went under "Trans-Space" using the SpaceVan atop a Modified 747!(Really Cool Stuff). I remember seeing the artist conception as early as 1984.

He had an office in Washington, DC near Gallery Place Metro and I would come in and do computer repair work on a pair of Apple III's.

He truly had a passion for (as the old rocket jockeys used to say:) "Bending Tin". and He will be missed.

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