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McCain's Infant Strike Force

Malicious and mendacious propaganda from Say it ain't so!

This reminds me of that idiotic interview that O'Reilly did with Michael Moore a few years ago, when Moore kept asking O'Reilly if he would send his child to Iraq. If O'Reilly had been on his toes, he would have pointed out that a) no "children" are sent to Iraq and b) that the adults who do so have signed up for the service voluntarily, and don't need their parents permission, and are not "sent" by their parents, unless their parents happen to be their commanding officers. But this mindless trope of the left will never die.

[Afternoon update]

This is a pretty funny comment, over at Maguire's place:

Don't be misled by the name, lady: the 3rd Infantry Division is not made up of infants.

Hey, you can't expect them to know about this stuff.


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Jardinero1 wrote:

Michael Moore is in show business first and foremost. I am not sure that he actually believe what he says but he has chosen to earn a their living by pandering to certain ideologies.

To me, his crime is not so much the point of view he promotes but rather his exploitativeness. During Bowling for Columbine there was a scene where he took some kids, who had been shot at Columbine, back to the ammo manufacturer and had them offer back the bullets they had been shot with. I still can't understand the point he was making. Bullets hurt people? Maybe if there were no bullets, guns wouldn't hurt people? The whole scene was idiotic. Regardless, he had no right to use those kids that way to make such a banal point and then profit handsomely from it.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Also, the MoveOn ad ignores where Obama's or McCain's actions are more likely to result in that child seeing combat. I still see Obama's proposed actions as being less productive in the long run.

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