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Memorial Service Arrangements

Note: I've bumped this post to the top, with an update. It will stay at the top for a couple days, so if you see it first, continue reading past--I'll still be posting new stuff.

For any of my Huntsville area readers who wish to pay their respects to Darren Spurlock, David Alan Smith of Boeing passes on the following information:

Kelly and her family is planning for a service this Tuesday and Wednesday as shown below:

Tuesday, June 3
Berryhill Funeral Home
2035 Memorial Parkway North
Huntsville, AL
Visitation: 12:00 p.m.
Funeral: 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday, June 4
Hermitage Memorial Gardens
535 Shute Lane
Old Hickory, TN
Graveside service and burial: 11:00 a.m.

We talked further about those who knew him sharing some remembrances at his service. She and her ministers are very happy to have us do that. Since we don't have much time I offer the following approach. If you will be able to physically attend and want to say something, please tell me and give me an idea of how long you need. If you have something you would like to share at his service but can not come, I will be glad to act as your surrogate. If you have something you would just like Kelly, Ben (6) and James (3) to have I will compile them electronically. I need those items you would like shared Tuesday by COB Monday. As these boys grow older, it will help them know Darren as the man he was.

Kelly's public notice on Darren's death will include the following:

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Mayfair Church of Christ:

1095 Carl T. Jones Dr.
Huntsville, AL 35802

However, she very much appreciated our thought to honor Darren through supporting Ben and James education. So as a "work" friend, if you feel moved you can send her a check in her name with the reference to the "Darren Spurlock Education Fund". She can deposit these in Ben and James college savings accounts.

Kelly Spurlock

[Address deleted because I don't want to blast her home address on the Interweb, the world being the sad place that it is these days in that regard. Anyone interested can contact me at the email address in the upper left corner of the blog, and I'll relay it. Actually, I'd suggest that Kelly establish a trust with a PO Box, and a web page to take donations via Paypal--perhaps someone else can help her with this. --rs]

And finally, I can not stress how much a card, note and/or remembrance means to her. Darren touched many lives. Let us show that as a monument to his life with us. Your support, thoughts and prayers for Kelly and the boys are very much appreciated.

David Alan Smith
Advanced Programs, Exploration Launch Systems
Space Exploration, The Boeing Company

If anyone wants to get hold of David and doesn't have his contact info (which again, I didn't want to display), again, email me.

[Update, per my comment about not wanting to post Kelly's home address]

For those of all called to honor Darren's memory in a way that will positively affect his family's future, we have established the "Darren Spurlock Memorial Education Fund" for his two boys Ben and James via 529 college savings accounts. To contribute to this account you may: Make check payable to: College America.

In memo field: Spurlock Education Fund.

Mail to:

First Financial Group
400 Meridian Street, Ste.100
Huntsville, AL 35801

Any contribution you send will divided equally into an account for Ben and account for James. And thank you for honoring a beloved colleague and friend.


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