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More On ANWR Versus The Grand Canyon

From Jonah Goldberg, who has been to both:

This isn't to say that the Grand Canyon isn't a beautiful place; it inspires awe among those who visit it. ANWR (pronounced "AN-wahr") inspires awe almost entirely in those who haven't been there. It is an environmental Brigadoon or Shangri-La, a fabled land almost no one will ever see. That is its appeal. People like the idea that there are still Edens "out there" even if they will never, ever see them.

Indeed, if Americans could visit the north coast of Alaska, as I have, as easily as they can visit the Grand Canyon, the oil would be flowing by now.

[Afternoon update]

McCain's attitude: Let them eat honor:

At a town-hall meeting in Philadelphia, McCain said he could no sooner drill in ANWR than in the Grand Canyon. This is like comparing a roadside flea market to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Five million people a year visit the Grand Canyon, whereas 1,000 visit ANWR. Why would anyone want to go? It's a frozen wasteland during the winter and a mosquito-infested bog during the summer.

McCain opposes drilling off the shores of Florida and California as well, saying that the states should be able to decide. But Alaska desperately wants to drill in ANWR. Its opinion apparently doesn't count. In an interview on the Today show, McCain ridiculously held out the prospect that advances in alternative energy might lower the price of gas by November. He's touting fanciful revolutionary breakthroughs within months without acknowledging the real technological advances that make it possible to drill with minimal environmental impact.

He's blowing a huge political opportunity.


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Mike Puckett wrote:

And when the media discuss ANWAR, they always show a picture of Denali in the background for some reason.

Carl Pham wrote:

Interesting observation, Mike.

M. Simon wrote:

McCain is very plugged into the Bussard Fusion work. It is possible he contemplates that. Even with a very expensive crash program ($2 to $10 bn) it would take 3 to 5 years to produce a power producing reactor.

Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:

McCain might possibly be acceptable if he really does go for alternative energy in a dedicated manner.

K wrote:

. . . advances in alternative energy might lower the price of gas by November

Bwahahahahahahahahahah! The guy's a riot. Maybe those pipelines to Saturn will come on line in July. Or the 354th "can't miss" fusion machine will work, THIS time. Is he purposely trying to throw the election or is he just that stupid. Never mind, it's become painfully self evident.

Carl Pham wrote:

He's blowing a huge political opportunity.

But that's what he's like, Rand. It's one of his better qualities. He doesn't really think about political opportunities, like the price of gas unexpectedly shooting up in an election year.

If McCain thought that pursuing alternative fuels and leaving ANWR alone was the right thing to do five years ago, when the price of gas was low, he will think the very same thing today, and next year, when the price of gas tumbles again. He's the furthest thing from a political opportunist -- which is one of the things that distinguishes him sharply from the Democrats, whose entire election philosophy seems to be:

1. Wait for some bit of bad luck to happen.

2. Blame it on the "failed policies" of George Bush.

3. Suggest a vote for "change."

If that isn't cynical opportunism, I don't know what is. I'm glad McCain is different. It's true I disagree with him about ANWR, but to my mind that's less important than knowing that he's a guy who speaks his mind without putting his finger up to test the political wind.

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