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More Stuff White People Like

Changing their middle name to "Hussein." As Glenn notes:

Our own lives are weak and meaningless. Only through identification with a great leader can they achieve substance and purpose.  

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lmg wrote:

Scary. Will these people be the Red Guards in the coming Cultural Revolution?

memomachine wrote:


Frankly what astonishes me are the number of conservatives willing to vote for McCain over judges!

Particularly since McCain has never once voted to confirm a conservative judge.

Now that's my definition of insanity.

Michael Lonie wrote:

There is a creepy, quasi-fascist character to many Obama supporters.

John Hussein Fauxbama wrote:

Trust a moron like Simberg not to understand the basic SNL humor that drives this.

I'd like to see the idiot spell out his brand of Conservatism; especially since it is claimed that he isn't a Republican! Now that would be a joke.

Steve wrote:

Trust a moron like John Hussein Fauxbama not to understand the basic sycophantic attitude this shows among brain washed, leftist, college students.

Raoul Hussein Ortega wrote:

Leftist Rhetoric Rule #8:

When caught saying or doing something stupid, or in the positiion of having to defend someone else's stupidity, claim that an ironic point was being made. Then insinuate that critics are humor impaired or just plain stupid.

Heh, if I jumped on the bandwagon I'd have the initials AHH.

I find more honor having a middle name that alludes to a drug-scoured Rolling Stones guitarist.

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