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New Space History

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John B wrote:

I had a chance to meet Dan Linehan at the 2008 ISDC conference, and obtain a copy of this book. This book is outstanding. It is written in a lively and readable style but more importantly, it provides some of the best technical information regarding the design, construction, and testing of SS1. I think Dan's engineering background allow him to provide a much more in-depth and insightful description of the whole SS1 project. A good example is a photograph of the interior of the SS1 cockpit, in which all major controls and instrumentation have been annotated in the image. This is the kind of technical information that you will find nowhere else. This book is likely to become the seminal historical reference on the SS1 project. I'm pleased to have gotten a first-edition, and I don't know how big the first printing is. When your grand/children/nieces/nephews find this book in your library, they'll know you were actually there at the dawn of the new space age.

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