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Obama's Accomplishments

Jim Geraghty has some observations:

It's easy to wonder whether the candidate who talks about "real change" and pledges a government that will "heal the sick" and "stop the oceans from rising" actually knows how to get big things done - or whether he had the patience. Obama would seem to have the skills and brains to be a legendary community organizer, or state legislator, or U.S. senator. But momentous accomplishments in each of those positions take time, and at each level, Obama hit a wall, and turned his attention to a position of greater power.

This election will be about form (and glamour) over substance.


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Larry J wrote:

In an old Dilbert cartoon, the Pointy Haired Boss said, "Anything I don't understand must be simple."

Obama - who has accomplished almost nothing of substance in his entire life - appears to think that actually accomplishing things is easy because he has never done it. Talking about accomplishing something isn't the same as actually doing something, but Obama seems not to understand that. He seems to believe that giving a well-written speech is all it takes. He couldn't be more wrong.

philw1776 wrote:

Please. No crits of Obama. He simply exudes 'leadership', so he himself doesn't actually have to do anything. The mantra of 'Hope' and 'Change' will energize his zombies, I mean followers, and they will go forth and do great things. Not.

He uses the same slogans that his alter ego, now Gov of MA used in his successful landslide election campaign. Interestingly, today Gov Patrick has very low approval ratings in MA, one of the bluest states of all. He's done nothing as Gov except to give $1B of taxpayers' earnings to the local biotech industry.

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