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President Of The World

Byron York writes that Obama is running for president of the wrong country:

I have a friend in London, very Euro in outlook, who is terrifically frustrated and worried about the election.

His chief concern: the role of Americans. "It's a pity that Americans are the ones who elect the president," he says. "It would be much better if the people of the world voted on the American president."

And guess who would be elected in such a scenario? Here's a hint: It's not John McCain.

Of course, as he points out, this is the only country in which he'd have a chance of running.

Anyway, I hope they're very disappointed in November.

[Evening update]

Here's some cold water thrown on the hopefuls for a world-president Obama:

...frothing phantasms over how Mr. Obama's "imagined persona" -- as a Muslim or a third world person -- are already crowding this view, fanning out of the airwaves of Al-Jazeera TV into effervescent Arab websites and public opinion polls, all murmuring about miraculous turnabouts and new alliances.

An Obama administration shall deliver a free Palestine, a defanged Israel liberated enough of its Jewishness to welcome millions of returning Muslim Palestinians, instant friendship with Iran's mullahs, a handover of the Golan Heights, and prompt departure from Iraq.

Mr. Obama needs to burst these bubbles, as none of this is likely.


Unfortunately, in his attempts to square these circles, he'd be likely to do a lot of damage, Jimmy-Carter style.


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Drooling Leftist Idiot wrote:

If Obama is running for World president, shouldn't this make Rand happy?

After all, world domination was the game that made him support the Iraq war so badly. This wanna-be libertarian has always been seduced by slime and power. A good example being his love for Hillary! towards the tail-end of her rather miserable campaign.

It's time to listen to Ron Paul. Meanwhile, the NRO cheering squad is all agog about offshore oil exploration ably supported at this run-off sewer. Damn, too bad the oil companies are doing nothing with the opportunities they have right now; Simby and crowd want to give them more when it is abundantly clear that this oil won't make an Eff of a difference.

McCain will be crushed in November. Republicans should eat their popcorn now, even if they claim to be Libertarians. Heh.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Emo rage combined with stupidity is a potent source of noise. Maybe the NSA could harness this for a true random number generator.

Sigivald wrote:

I think Americans should get to vote in British, French, and German elections.

Good thing we outnumber them, huh?

Crispytoast wrote:

Theoretically, Euros could quit whining about their own insignificance and allow the European Parliament complete foreign policy control and the means and ability to act as a single united heroic force to counterbalance the eeeevil Americans. There would be compromises, and the Parliament might have to stop worrying about important issues like banana curvature and police uniforms for a while. If average Europeans are not willing to make the sacrifices required for their voices to gain more prominence on the international stage, though, they should probably just shut their yaps.

Mike Puckett wrote:

"McCain will be crushed in November."

Crushed with joy at his overwhelming victory perhaps.

But then you are a Drooling Leftist Idiot and we should not expect you to make sense.

Anonymous wrote:

Puckett, the poor sap who predicted Fred (Remember that somnolent being?) as Republi-cancan candidate, now predicts the victory of then Democrat and local warming fiend McCain.

Give me a break. I'm waiting for the ad showing McCain referring to his wife as c**t. Wanna predict how that's going to go over, Mike?

Pete Zaitcev wrote:

Two tangential notes with ad-hominem and such.

One, I was at a so-called Presidency Panel in Berkeley this spring (I go there as a zoo, to look at leftists in their natural habitat). It is essentially a Bush-bashing panel in the recent years, as might be expected. But at some point, they started inviting a token conservative... The first time it was Michael Barone, and they didn't like it much. He totally demolished the rest of the panel. So, this year they called Byron York, and what a pathetic showing it was. He simply was silly, saying silly things, and it was clear that he's just completely confused about many issues. Actually, the only smart guy in the panel was a historian dude with a touching affinity to pant-striped international bodies. Now, every time Byron is in the news, I cannot forget that little encounter. But he writes smooth prose.

Two, the notion his interlocutor was peddling is not new at all. In fact, Edward Said wrote in his "Orientalism" (as much as I can remember): "Other countries/nations/people are frustrated that they cannot affect American politics and so they lash out." Essentially, Islamists are fixated on killing us because they cannot vote for president. And, let me remind you, Said is a bright light for many leftists, basically Chomsky sized source of wisdom.

Andy Freeman wrote:

It's amusing that the Euros can't manage to keep up with the US and still think that we should listen to them.

Mike Puckett wrote:

"Anonymous wrote:
Puckett, the poor sap who predicted Fred (Remember that somnolent being?) as Republi-cancan candidate, now predicts the victory of then Democrat and local warming fiend McCain.

Give me a break. I'm waiting for the ad showing McCain referring to his wife as c**t. Wanna predict how that's going to go over, Mike?

June 20, 2008 1:15 PM"

There is no such ad, stop listening to teh Glue Huffers Post.

I predict that some of the ads the 527's run on your child-candidate Obambi is going to have you weeping like a little girl come November.

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