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Sauce For The Goose

John McCain continues to justly call for Obama to visit Iraq, and talk to General Petraeus (without preconditions). Well, I think that if Senator McCain would visit ANWR, he might discover that it is nothing at all like the Grand Canyon. Of course, Obama is not in a position to call him on that, since he opposes drilling there (and everywhere else, as far as I can tell) as well.

[Update a minute or two later]

Here's a great suggestion:

Another way McCain can move toward an ANWR solution is to educate himself on small-footprint drilling practices. He should talk to some oil company guys, get the facts, and then announce STERNLY that he will only support the exploration in ANWR if it strictly adheres to "environmentally friendly low-impact micro-drilling standards" and DEMAND that no more than .5% of the land in that area be compromised in even the slightest way.

Bingo. The oil companies can all drill within those parameters now and McCain can appear as the reasonable tough guy he wants to be.

Unfortunately, I think he's too stubborn and fixed in his views to do such a thing.


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K wrote:

So if McCain is elected, the Republicans will continue to take the hit for the gas prices while the Democrats can contiue their "Holier than Thou" act. Tell me again why voting for McCain is better than voting for Barry?

Rand Simberg wrote:

From the standpoint of energy policies, it's not. But it's not worse. And there are other issues.

Mike Puckett wrote:

"Tell me again why voting for McCain is better than voting for Barry?"

Three easy words: Commander-in-Chief.

Obama couldn't run an airsoft tournament.

Stephen Kohls wrote:

Three easy words:

Supreme Court Justices

Wince and Nod wrote:

Two easy words:

Entitlement boondoggles.

Scott wrote:

Let me add my comments to those above....all three of the above (CIC, Judges, Entitlements)...

Just about EVERYTHING else about McCain is awful, but he is right about those things, and two of those (CIC and Judges) determine how viable the future of this country is. Even on the 'everything else category' McCain is no worse than Obama, and better because if McCain wins, his worst impulses will be stifled by a Democratic Congress looking to stymie a Republican President, whereas with a Obama presidency, you have no such check.

None of this should be taken as an endorsement of McCain, but the Democrats are simply worse on every particular of any importance...

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