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Two Movie Reviews

Kyle Smith isn't impressed with WALL-E. Lileks loved it (though he's an admitted Disney/Pixarphile).

Guess I'll have to see for myself now.


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Some guy wrote:

I hate it. It is instantly the worst movie I've ever seen. It's extremely well crafted Greenie Leftist Luddite propaganda aimed at cauterizing any useful personality traits youngsters have.

Rick C wrote:

Nonsense, some guy. You can't just look at the message, you have to look at the delivery. Compare Wall-E to, say, Happy Feet, to see the difference. There was no point where the humans berated themselves over what had happened to them; instead, they were shown subtly realizing it, and trying to undo it. Nobody ever wailed about the poor, abused Earth and what those rapacious humans had done to it.

Lileks' "review" is worth reading too, because he touches a bit on this, when he mentions near the end how much sense the premise makes.

Tom Hill wrote:

Saw it on Friday with the kids. I have mixed feelings on it, but the current thinking is "Not Pixar's best." Seems like the kids got a bit bored in it, which is the first time I noticed such a thing during a Pixar flick.

Funny moment...when the ship broke through the shell of satellites surrounding Earth, my son said "Do you recognize any, Dad?" Wall E had Sputnik stuck to his head.

NukemHill wrote:

I found the premise and setting for the story a little off-putting myself, but I got through it. Went with my 3 boys on Friday, and we all had a great time. The story telling is remarkable, and the ability to get two robots to emote is truly beyond my ken. Pixar out-did themselves on this one.

I think Lileks gets it right--it's an allegory, a fable. All it does is set the table for the story to be told. And the way Wall-E is able to innocently instigate rebellion amongst the "rogue robots" and placid humans was delightful to watch.

Greenie? Yep. Leftist? Yep. Luddite? Not quite, but I can get the comparison. Still, it's a story worth watching.

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