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You Can Take The Man Out Of The Leftist Church

But you can't take the leftism out of the man:

Obama shared Wright's rejection of black "assimilation." Obama also shared Wright's suspicion of the traditional American ethos of individual self-improvement and the pursuit of "middle-classness." In common with Wright, Obama had deep misgivings about America's criminal justice system. And with the exception of their direct attacks on whites, Obama largely approved of his preacher-friends' fiery rhetoric. Obama's goal was not to repudiate religious radicalism but to channel its fervor into an effective and permanent activist organization. How do we know all this? We know it because Obama himself has told us.

Stanley Kurtz has been doing the research on Obama's past, and his beliefs, that the mainstream media hasn't, and mostly doesn't want you to know.


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Carl Pham wrote:

More worrying to my mind than the leftism per se is the disconnection from reality.

I mean...reject assimilation? From 11% (and falling) of the population? That's just a recipe for group suicide. The majority can reject assimilation, to the woe of the minority, and arguably an aristocratic minority with powerful advantages can reject assimilation ,for a while, through various clever tricks that maintain their advantage (e.g. as English aristocrats did by recruiting the best of the disaffected majority into their ranks). But history is wholly empty of any cases of a disadvantaged minority rejecting assimilation into the surrounding majority culture and doing anything other than vanishing utterly.

Then again, I guess the entire Obama campaign is based on the exciting and liberating notion that we should not be put off from our fondest dreams by the mere minor fact that they are logically impossible, or violate one or more laws of physics. Why allow yourself to be enchained by grubby reality? Throw of the shackles, brother! Unhinge your mind! If we all clap our hands for Tinkerbell, she will surely live, and if she doesn't, well, we've had an exciting wonderful spiritual experience that draws us closer together in harmony and love. Om.

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