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An Interview With Elon Musk

"I wasn't born in America - but I got here as fast as I could."

That's an American.


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Pete Zaitcev wrote:

The sentiment itself does not mean much. My friend Jon Masters came over from Britain because the Blair's police state was getting on his nerves. Yet he is a rather loony leftist. He says what Elon says, almost word for word, then adds "... but Bush!"

Rand, remember how you observed that escapees from NJ bring their idiotic voting habits to Florida? It's the pattern seen again and again. First people do what they can to destroy their country, then they succeed, then they move, then they do the same thing.

Elon Musk, fortunately, did good so far. He could've gone the Soros route after the Paypal. If he can keep it up until retirement, he's going to be well remembered. So, it's his actions that speak well of him, not what he says about America.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Rand, remember how you observed that escapees from NJ bring their idiotic voting habits to Florida?

Yes, but that's different. They aren't coming from New Jersey to escape a government. They're coming to escape the winter. A better example is the Californians who move to other places to escape high taxes and congestion, and bring their voting habits with them. They're really screwed up Nevada (giving us absurd creatures like Harry Reid).

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