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Another Great Newsman Gone

Categories: General, Media Criticism, Popular Culture
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Condolences to friends, family and colleagues of Tony Snow. I wonder if major television news people die in threes as well? Unlike Russert, this wasn't as unexpected--he had been fighting the cancer for a long time, and his mother died of it. But I hadn't been aware that he was near the end.

[Update in the evening]

Mark Steyn has a short tribute (not to imply that many others don't, and I suspect that he'll have a longer one in due time). This is a very interesting point politically:

He had a rare temperament in today's politics, and the Administration might have been spared the vicissitudes of these last five years had he become press secretary earlier.

Yes, of the many failings of George W. Bush, one of them is loyalty to previous staff. Scott McClellan was completely out of his element as WH spokesman, yet he was allowed to blunder through during many of the worst years of the administration. Things might have gone much differently had Tony Snow been brought in earlier. He would have challenged much of the nonsense that the press was putting forward much earlier, without looking like a deer in the headlights. It just shows how important perception can be.

[Update a while later]

Here's an encomium from Rick Moran.

It's very hard to come up with anything negative about Tony Snow, though I'm sure that one or two of my regular commenters will make the attempt in the service of their vile political agendas. I hope that I'm wrong.


Bob Hawkins wrote:

I don't buy the general idea that stating your case better does much good. The Bush administration says that they have tried to get good news out, and the MSM just ignores them. The MSM has demonstrated enough ability to ignore, to make that a plausible case.

People point at FDR and Churchill as examples of what great rhetoric can do. How far did Churchill get before September 1939? How far did FDR get before December 1941?

And being at war does not affect today's media as much as it did the media of 1939 and 1941.

Rectal-Cranial Inverter wrote:

I'm sure Mr Snow will find room in the Joseph Goebbels
suite wherever he ends up

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