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Some thoughts from a German on Obama's grandiosity:

...apart from questions of sensitivity and protocol, the proposal was also politically short-sighted. A German government cannot and will not intervene in foreign power struggles. It is simply a matter of political common sense for democratic countries to refrain from getting involved in the elections of other countries. This is a matter of respect, but also of calculated self-interest. Since you never know who will win, it is more advisable to stay neutral. As consequence, the German government cannot show preference to Obama: whatever Obama is permitted, McCain must also be permitted. Even before becoming American President, Obama has thus managed to embarrass one of his most important allies. Hardly an intelligent move. But he evidently does not think in terms of the long-term categories of real politics, but rather in terms of the short-term effects of political spectacle.

Yup. It's very hard to take him seriously.

He's not a "lighworker." He's a lightweight.


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Mike James wrote:

A few months ago, when I was amazed that the Democratic Party put their heads together and came up with Senator Obama and Senator Clinton as the two most qualified people to be given extensive power to control the lives of 300-odd million people, I thought of Senator Obama as a harmless lightweight.

Later, when actual reporting leaked out about his hilarious, and not-so-hilarious friends, acquaintances, and supporters, I thought of him as a hapless lightweight--it was a humorous process to watch.

It is his supporters, his mindless lightweight supporters, which worry me now. They earn him a brevet promotion to malevolent lightweight. This silly person has no business being anywhere near the reins of power. Picture him dealing with the Chinese!

Steve wrote:

He's the wrong man, at the wrong time, with the wrong (chuckle) message.

Bill Maron wrote:

His narcissism becomes more apparent with each succeeding gaffe. The press treats him like a rock star and he is acting like one. I wonder how Katie Couric likes being a groupie? I bet Harry Smith is insanely jealous.

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