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Eric Raymond coins a useful word.


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Habitat Hermit wrote:

"Which partly means being a tribesman, connected to the Danish genepool, and partly means identifying with stories of past Danish heroism.

That's not called patriotism (in Norwegian or Danish: patriotisme, and Swedish: patriotism) in Scandinavian (and Nordic) countries but instead defined as nationalism (Norwegian: nasjonalisme, Danish: nationalisme, and Swedish: nationalism) and generally frowned upon and regarded as socially and morally unacceptable in many situations by near-total majorities (including me).

Thinking about it I don't think it would be called patriotism in most (if not all) of Europe.

Patriotism in Scandinavian countries is kind of "soil & society" (but not blood, that meme was roundly discarded over half a century ago) and pretty much automatic among citizens in general.

I like ESR but he aimed at the barn and shot at the moon on this part (almost a stereotypical case of "silly American"), the rest is pretty good.

Godzilla wrote:

ESR is a nut. He says intelligent things once in a while, but has an irascible and insensitive personality. Even the boar skinned Linus Torvalds got tired of him.

If waving the flag is being patriotic, Europeans should attend more UEFA soccer games. Perhaps they should make it a permanent event.

Like some character in a movie said "don't wave the damned flag at me". One thing is trying to be a moral and upstanding citizen, another is being a jingoistic freak, entering crusades against the escape goat of the day.

FWIW I own a national flag and keep it in my bedroom.

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