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Paul Milenkovic wrote:

Rand, as if you should comment on this. The comments engine for your site has a bad words filter that I have personally experienced trip up on expressions that have legitimate, unambiguously non-bad word, and in cases involve technological terms.

I am following, of course, with the obligatory "gay" for person or persons with same-sex relationships is not a bad word, and the people who mangled Tyson Gay's name with their bad-word filter are silly for thinking gay is a bad word. But the principle is the same.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I don't have any filters that change words. I used to have one that didn't allow posting with certain strings. And it wasn't with the intent of censoring or bowdlerizing posts--it was to prevent spam. The two situations are not in any way comparable.

memomachine wrote:


And if you use a filter on "classic"?


My favorite.

Paul F. Dietz wrote:

Our local newspaper, the Northwest Herald, had a story more than a decade ago about the NASM's "Enola Homosexual Exhibit". This ended up in the Columbia Journalism Review's blooper section (under the caption, "Hello, Sailor!")

Frank Glover wrote:

...And that leads to filtered visions of other things, like:

'Homosexual Paree'

'The Homosexual Blade'

'The Homosexual Nineties'

'When Irish Eyes are Smiling, all the world seems bright and...'

Well, you know. I'll stop now. You'll have to roll your own.

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