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Don't You Just Hate It

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Leland wrote:

The story is poorly written. It appears she recognized her father after the disguise was knocked off. But if I understand it properly, both parents and her husband were the robbers.

The article uses parents, plural. And adds husband. It then mentions the father being the robber, mentions that she was determined to be unaware of the conspiracy, but then ends that the trio was apprehended. Hard to tell if the trio is the father, husband, woman; or father, mother, husband. But even with wig and other stuff, one would think she would recognize the form of her husband and father.

Bill Maron wrote:

We see what we expect or want to see many times. I'm sure she didn't expect to see her father, mother and husband (which I thought the story made perfectly clear)robbibg her place of employment. What a home life she must have. That concerns me more than how the story is written.

Leland wrote:

The word "mother" isn't in the story Rand linked to, but she was riding shotgun in the get-a-way vehicle according to the original news source. Husband drove the get-a-way car. The story was clear with the parents, but since they used Father, Dad, and Husband so often, you think the word "mother" or "mom" might get used once.

Yes, her home life seems sad. Not as sad as this, but still sad.

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