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Lileks On Keillor

James takes on, once again, his fellow Minnesota scribe:

Mr. Keillor feels he has done okay in the last eight years but has a hot collar and ground-up teeth thinking about what the Current Occupant has done to the country the little girl will inherit. He's mad about spending - I'm with him there, although a bit perplexed to find Keillor coming down on the side of spending less - and he doesn't approve of the war. It ruined his Rockwell moment.

Being unable to watch a kid play baseball because you are mad at George Bush does not necessarily mean you are a better person or a person more attuned to truth and the future.It might mean, at best, you are a person who writes run-on sentences stringing together predictable assertions; at worst, it might mean you're anhedonic, and looking for scapegoats. I look at my daughter and consider her future, and I see possibility and peril as well. But that's up to us, and while I'm sure Mr. Keillor anticipates the day where he is legally required to pay the taxes he heretofore feels he is morally required to pay, we can do fine without him. We've done fine without his money so far, and I think we can keep that up. Unless he's been paying in at the pre-tax-cut level, of course. In which case: hats off! A principled man is rare in any era.

You know, I actually greatly enjoy Keillor's books, but when you let him loose on an editorial page, he seems to go completely nuts. Bush derangement is a very real thing.


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Pete Zaitcev wrote:

I remember his article in the Seattle P.I. He was a raving lunatic even back then. As for the BDS being real, I know at least one person personally who went deranged ("personally" I mean IRL, not Internet). Because of that, I always knew that BDS is not something manufactured by Krauthammer.

Drooling Moron wrote:

You inbred redneck hillbilly retards are are real 'hoot'.

Raoul Ortega wrote:

You inbred redneck hillbilly retards are are real 'hoot'.

Al Franken, is that you?

Mike Puckett wrote:

"Drooling Moron wrote:
You inbred redneck hillbilly retards are are real 'hoot'."

Stop speaking ill of your obvious superiors Elfshitz. At lest the above mentioned work at productive endeavors, unlike your sorry inbred ass.

Mabey you should lay off the corn silo SSTO and the moon shine along with it.

plutosdad wrote:

Did you see the lawsuit Keilor filed against his neighbor? The guy is a nut. Perfect example of the socialist who loves "mankind" more than he loves his fellow man.

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