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Now This Has Potential

We can capture a powerful greenhouse gas and store energy at the same time. Just imagine pastures full of this.

It has squirrel undies beat hands down. to speak.


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Habitat Hermit wrote:

That could lead to a future filled with rocket-propelled cows ^_^ (paging Aardman Animations of Wallace & Gromit fame)

JJS wrote:

Itís enough to give a PETA/Environmentalist member, a mental breakdown. To save the environment we will subject the cows to the unspeakable embarrassment of wearing this contraption, and the further humiliation; the discomfort of the large collection device (Thankfully not shown) required, ensuring the cow wonít expel said device. On the other hand the cows could be more efficiently milked and evacuated by using this method. They would be tasked with returning their own offal to the barn. Having horses, and having to deal with this problem myself I would be interested in picking up a few of these setups when they are done with their experiment.

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