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Life is rough in Michelle Obama's America, in which all six hundred bucks buys is a pair of ear rings. As for the fresh fruit, she can't afford a refrigerator for the mansion?


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ken anthony wrote:

She mentioned bananas. My wife and stepson peel them from the opposite end of the stem an prefer them brown. You can't refrigerate them either.

The quote that got struck me was that men are all about me first!? The men I know put there family first, but then I don't define those that don't as men. It must be a cultural thing?

Steve wrote:

I thought the same thing. Her "all men suck" rant, raises a question. If the problem is MEN, doesn't that include her husband? Or did she have him neutered?

Josh Reiter wrote:

Yea for someone that seems so up with the state of our food industry she missed the part about bananas being better for you when they brown.

Leland wrote:

Good thing she paid off that student loan, so she could afford those earrings. Perhaps the issue isn't whether or not the stimulus check income is adequate. The issue is whether her spending is under control. I'm afraid it is not, and neither is her husbands.

memomachine wrote:


I remember her weepy whining speech where she, talking to hard-living West Virginia wives, extolled how HARD it was living on only $400,000 a year.

I nearly wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

Brock wrote:

I'm extremely grateful that Obama has allowed Michelle (or is incapable of preventing her) to regularly speak ex tempore in public. I find these insights into their character extremely helpful in making my decision in November.

I second NRO's request that Michelle be allowed (or forcefully insist) to make her "all men are selfish pieces of crap" theory be the central theme of any speech she gives at the DNC in Denver. I think the whole nation will benefit from such a high profile airing of her views.

In fact, McCain might want to consider making her the guest speaker at the RNC too ...

David Summers wrote:

And what the heck is with "but it doesn't pay down every bill every month"? Is it now the government's job to pay every bill every month? To whom do I forward my bills?

Barbara Skolaut wrote:

"Or did she have him neutered?"

Have him, hell, Steve - she did it herself.

Brock wrote:

Sad news:

MICHELLE TO STAY AT HOME Wed Jul 16 2008 19:02:05 ET

Michelle Obama is not going on Obama's trips to Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, and Europe, it will be reported on Thursday.

She does not plan to deliver policy speeches during the presidential campaign.

Nor would she have a policy role in the Obama administration; she would be raising their daughters.

And she may or may not have a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention, the NEW YORK TIMES will reveal on Thursday, newsroom sources tell DRUDGE.

NEW YORK TIMES reporter Patrick 'The Biographer' Healy will be first out with the full details.


Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Obama had to tell Michelle it was "time to shut yo mouth".

Assuming he didn't have an aid do it so he could blame it on someone else later.

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