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Rolling My Eyes Keith's brief "review" of my exploration piece:

The author of this article makes some odd, borderline misogynist, and mostly unsupportable claims (mixed with some valid points) as he rambles along trying to explain why people do or not explore. "Empirically obvious"? - Where's the data to support this?

Where the support for the claim that it is "misogynist," "borderline" or otherwise? Is he claiming that Cristina Hoff Sommers is misogynist?

What is "odd" about my claims?

And as for the data to support my claim, I provided it in the piece. Things for which there is an "innate human urge" are done by most, if not all humans. Most people don't explore.

[Update a few minutes later]

One of the commenters over there gets it:

I didn't see anything misogynist in Simberg's piece - he's just pointing out a potential cost of browbeating and drugging boys into behaving more like girls in school.

Exactly. If my piece was (mis)interpreted to imply that women cannot or should not be explorers, that's absurd, and I would hope obviously so.


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Leland wrote:

Who is Keith?

ken anthony wrote:

I'm going to have to reread the piece because I thought it was good. I'm sure he didn't mean you hate women, so he must be saying you hate humans.

I do think exploration is an inate human quality. Most of us simply don't have the resources and others do like to stay close to home as you suggested.

But to call you a misogynist is harsh. You have pointed out in the past that death is an acceptable cost for some goals but that's hardly an extreme view and certainly doesn't constitute a general hatred of mankind. Perhaps he is projecting?

Wait a moment, you said feminize!!! I think that's on the list. Case closed. You hate women, and drugging young boys is standard practice. Get with the program, will ya?

Mark R. Whittington wrote:

Possibly Keith thinks that the feminization of boys is a good thing and that to oppose it is misognynist?

Rand Simberg wrote:

Possibly Keith thinks that the feminization of boys is a good thing and that to oppose it is misogynist?

Well, I'd like to think that that's not what Keith thinks, but maybe that's it.

Raoul Ortega wrote:

Aww, don't be so hard on him. It looks like he's not gonna get to fly on up to the Canadian Arctic this year to pretend to be a Martian astronaut.

Cecil Trotter wrote:

Seen the latest comments at Keith's site? He's about to go nuts attacking the posters who AGREE with Rand!

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