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Slow Weekend

Yesterday morning, a dump truck lived up to its name and deposited dozens of bags of mulch (malaleuca--I know you were dying to know), top soil, potting soil and sod in the yard, in a large high-entropy pile. We are still dealing with the aftermath of this event (which was not only planned, but cost us a few hundred bucks). Also, I'm working on a piece for Popular Mechanics on the fate of ISS after Shuttle.


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LB Parker wrote:

Replacing your lawn, Rand?

Rand Simberg wrote:

Actually, the sod was for the neighbor next door, who had a bunch of grass die on him. We went in together on the delivery to split the charge.

ech wrote:

No manure delivered? Must be using the comments here instead. :-)

Mike Borgelt wrote:

Careful with that stuff, Rand!

Most cases of Legionaires Disease are caused by potting mix etc infecting individuals.
Wear a mask and keep it wet.
My mother survived a bout with legionaires at age 81 from this cause.

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