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Somebody Had To Do It

Charlie Rangel has filed an ethics complaint against himself.

Will he lead the investigation, as well?


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Paul Milenkovic wrote:

C'mon, give the Hon Charles Rangel, M.C. a little bit of space here.

The story Rand linked suggests that Representative Rangel, ahem, is in a contest of words with a local newspaper regarding allegations of impropriety with his New York office space, fund raising, etc.. So by filing an ethics complaint on himself, he is like the hero of the crime drama "turning in his badge" so he can exonerate himself of whatever misconduct action-hero police detectives are accused off in those drams.

I know, it sounds like that scene from the "Ruttles" where during the "band breakup" where "the Ruttles sued Stig, and then Stig sued the Ruttles, and then Stig sued himself . . . by mistake."

ken anthony wrote:

Perhaps he can get himself drafted while he's at it. What a character!

Ethics? What's that got to do with government? I doubt any of them could stand much scrutiny.

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