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Thank Gore


...thank Gore that the ice is melting just as we need the oil. It's like divine Providence at work.

This from someone who worked on his 1988 presidential campaign.


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Mindless AlGore Worshiper wrote:

Moron finally admits the ice is melting. Finally. And then makes a silly joke about it it to cover his long-ass stupidity on the subject.

Hey, how about another war to claim this oil as well? Seems right up Shitmberg's alley.

Andy Freeman wrote:

The north pole has been ice free before and nothing bad happened. Why is this time different?

George Tyson wrote:

Hey Mindless AlGore Worshiper; Could this be the reason the Artic ice is melting?

I know I would be melting if I had an active volcano under me.

Commie Librul wrote:

That is so weird that you mention it, because those commie fascist librul scientistical types have actually MEASURED and calculated heat flow out of the Earth :

and it appears to be roughly 5000 times less than solar irradiance, on average. Of course, one can't possibly trust librul scientists, so you can explain that right?

C'mom George, yer a super genius, I bet, give it a try.

George wrote:

Thank you Commie Librul, the link you provided proves my point exactly. Active volcanos and ice do not mix.

Again thank you

Elifritz The Idiot wrote:

Yes, you 'proved your point exactly'.

Clearly internal heat is the cause of global warming, the disparity of 3 to 4 orders of magnitude is irrelevant.

Prepare for greatness, George!

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