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The End Of The World

Ron Bailey reports.

Well, OK, it's just a conference on the subject. Which isn't as interesting, but a lot less scary.

[Saturday morning update]

We have met the enemy, and he is us:

"All of the biggest risks, the existential risks are seen to be anthropogenic, that is, they originate from human beings."

All the more reason to get some eggs into baskets other than this one. Also, the rise (again) of the neo-Malthusians. It's hard to keep them down for long, even though so far, they've predicted about five out of the last zero world overpopulation crises.


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Steve wrote:

I am continually amazed at statements like this,
"...he (Sir Crispin Tickell) thinks that doom can be avoided if we "radically change our thinking on global governance..."
So a NWO / U.N. government is the answer to environmental problems. The problem is that countries like France and England will gladly give up self government, but the big polluters, India, China, Russia, won't go along.

ken anthony wrote:

How to explain the insanity? Some interpret the scarlet colored wild beast of revelation to be the league of nations reborn as the united nations which the world will give it's power just before armegedon (not the movie version.)

It seems far-fetched when you consider how little actual power the UN has demonstrated so far. But this consistent insane desire for many to give it sovereignty is interesting (to me anyway.)

Likely it is driven by the desire to take power away from the U.S. but the results are the same if it happens.

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