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The Surge That Should Worry Obama

The one within the Democrat Party:

...if the opposition to Obama reaches the match point and ignites, Obama could be embarrassed in Denver. After Clinton suspended her campaign, Obama thought he had a green light to run roughshod over her supporters. That has proven to be a mistaken view. Clinton supporters want to be heard in Denver. I was surprised a couple of weeks ago to see an advertisement in the Chicago Tribune demanding that Clinton's name be placed in nomination.

My guess is that a very strenuous effort is going to be made to place Clinton's name in nomination in Denver, forcing Obama into a roll-call vote.

I continue to think that people who believe that Hillary! has given up on the nomination are fooling themselves. I think that it's going to be a hot time in the old town of Denver.


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lmg wrote:

You're talking about a totalitarian party that brooks no dissent. If Obama has sufficient control he'll squash Hillary like a bug.

Barbara Skolaut wrote:

"I think that it's going to be a hot time in the old town of Denver."

I certainly hope so. I've already doubled by popcorn order. ;-p

Ashley wrote:

Ending Her Bid, Clinton Backs Obama
NY Times, June 7th 2008:

"Mrs. Clinton offered nothing less than a full-throated endorsement for and embrace of Mr. Obama and his candidacy. She has said many times that she would work her heart out for the nominee..."

This doesn't seem to leave much doubt to me. If she does intend to pursue the nomination, again, then I'm being fooled by the Clinton campaign and the media, not by myself.

notanexpert wrote:

Is this Andy Martin fellow legit? I went to his StopObamaCoalition website and it appears to be little more than an effort to sell his new book.

Rand Simberg wrote:

This doesn't seem to leave much doubt to me.

There is often a disconnect between what Mrs. Clinton says and what she believes and does. Talk is cheap.

Note that Obama still doesn't have enough pledged delegates to win. He needs super delegates to put him over the top. Note also that she didn't release her delegates to Obama. Why do you think she failed to do so?

If she does intend to pursue the nomination, again, then I'm being fooled by the Clinton campaign and the media, not by myself.

Only because you're letting them fool you.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

I guess she has some tricks up her sleeve after all. Two observations. First, Obama doesn't have control of the party, hence "squishing" Clinton is going to be a bit difficult. Second, Clinton doesn't have a lot of room. The superdelegates can vote however they wish. And it's going to take some delicate negotiation to get enough delegates to change their minds in Denver. She can't shake the party too much or she'll lose the support of her own superdelegates.

Bill Maron wrote:

She will be 61 this year. If Obama wins, she will be 69 before she gets another chance. OF COURSE she will fight in Denver. As her husband's stature recedes over time, he is less able to help her. He can fight the back room fight now, not 8 years from now. All she needs to do is let Obama's vocal opponents make the challenge and she can say, "If you insist..." Barbara should quadruple that popcorn order.

Jeff Mauldin wrote:

Here's my two cents. As things stand now, I can't imagine Clinton trying to grab the nomination at Denver. I don't think there's any conceivable way she could do that and get elected, and I don't think she thinks so herself. She might well be hoping Obama loses and she gets another chance in 2012 instead of 2016, but (as things stand now) the ship has sailed for her for 2008.

However: I wouldn't be surprised if Clinton is hoping something changes drastically. If Obama does something that puts him down in the polls, 70% to 30%, (or 65% to 35%, or down badly in enough battleground states--I can't tell you what the trigger would be) I wouldn't be surprised to see her step forward and suggest that the super delegates take the option of a candidate that has a chance to win. So under this analysis, she hasn't released her delegates just in case something happens. Also, she wants time in the sun at the convention, even if she's not the nominee.

Bob Hawkins wrote:

Anyone familiar with "the voice from the sewer"?

In 1940, FDR maintained the fiction that he would follow the tradition established by George Washington and limit himself to two terms. He attended the convention in Chicago as an observer.

The Chicago sewer commissioner got up to praise the sitting President, got carried away, and put FDR's name up for nomination. The convention totally forgot itself and voted to nominate him. FDR came out and humbly bowed to the will of the party.

In 2008, Hillary is maintaining the fiction that she is supporting Obama. She will no doubt go to Denver as an observer. If the Denver sewer commissioner gets to make a speech, watch out.

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