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Thomas Disch

B-Chan has some thoughts on the ending of his life.

I never read much by him, but by all accounts, he did seem to be an unhappy man. I'm sure that being a homosexual in the fifties and sixties didn't help. In any event, if there's a better place, here's hoping he's there now.

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FC wrote:

Why is it that having (apparently) written some good books gets a man like Disch off the hook for having been a noxious jerk all his life?

Stewart wrote:

Because, like all of us, he was human, and charitable wishes towards other humans does no harm, and will place the wisher's mind into a healthier place than thoughts of spite and disparagement, no?

Paul F. Dietz wrote:

John Clute's obituary of Disch (link from Locus magazine online) was, as his obits usually are, perceptive and compassionate. Disch danced with the theme of death throughout his career, and his ending like this should be completely unsurprising.

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