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Watch Where You're Going

Randall Parker, on the newest dangerous addiction:

The texters would be less dangerous to themselves and others if they didn't have to look down to see the screen. What is needed: Head Up Display Glasses tied to a cell phone. Then one could look ahead and see the text mixed in with sidewalk or whatever else is in front of you.

It's all part of a larger problem as we become a multi-tasking society.


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Josh Reiter wrote:

"By the time their hands hit, their face immediately hits and they smash to the ground,"

LoL! I'd pay to see that. In fact, *brainstorm* they have those wipe out videos for racing and skaters. I bet a DVD full of people face planting into telephone poles while texting would market pretty well.

Steve wrote:

If there is a single solitary idiot piece of 21st Century technology I see no need for, it is text messaging.

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